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About Us - Our Cool Team

We Know The North!

We know the north and we have the experts to share our knowledge and help you create your dream trip north!

Cool North is a division of the Travel Group Ltd and Travel Concepts, since 1987. 

Our Story

In 1987 three women, originally from Scotland, England, and Newfoundland, and a guy from Ontario decided to start a new kind of travel agency - one that believed in treating its employees the way we wanted them to treat our customers.  We believed that by putting our people first, they will in turn put you, the customer, first.  Since then the three women have moved on to other things, but their philosophy remains.  We believe that our empowering, respectful approach to our people has created a travel agency unmatched for customer service. 

THE TRAVEL GROUP now comprises 20+ travel specialists, admin staff, and associates.  All of our business comes from referrals from our clients.  We do not solicit business or advertise.  Our agents, with an average of 18 years experience, are continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge through education and on-site inspections.  We are very proud of our bright, fun, dedicated staff; and we believe that it is our people that make us different from the average travel agency.

Originally conceived as a "corporate" travel agency, now over 40% of our business is vacation. 


CoolNorth Adventures is a division of The Travel Group, specialising in vacations to our favourite Northern regions of the world. 

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Meet The CoolNorth Adventures Team

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