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High Arctic Explorer

August 3 - 15, 2024
August  15 - 27, 2024 with special guest Margaret Atwood


$ 9,995 USD  Per Person

Charter flights and domestic flights additional

At the top of the planet is a whole other world. Here, the sea is solid, the night is bright, narwhals and polar bears outnumber humans, glaciers grumble, and history is—quite literally—frozen in time. When you sail through the Far North you become one of the lucky few on Earth to experience this sublime, surreal realm.

Highlights Include

A visit the Franklin Expedition graves at Beechey Island
National Marine Conservation Area

Hike, the largest uninhabited island on Earth

An Inuit cultural welcome
Prime viewing opportunities for incredible wildlife
Cruise among icebergs at Ilulissat Ice fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


For more information including ship details or the detailed itinerary, click below

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